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Curcumin Immunity Instachews

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Curcumin Instachews is a powerful immune-boosting blend of curcuminoids and turmerones, made into delicious chewable tablets.

Curcuminoids are a type of extract with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and antioxidant properties.

ZOLV's Curcumin Instachews is a dietary supplement that helps protect the respiratory system and provides general health benefits. Anyone above 5 years of age can consume ZOLV's Curcumin Instachews for better health and wellness.


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Certified ISO
FSSC 22000
HACCP Food Safety
Zolv Curcumin Instachews Curcumin Instachews Chewable Curcumin Usage Information Curcumin Dietary Lifestyle Advice


Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Extract, Diluent (INS 420(i)), Glidant (INS470 (iii)), Anti-caking agent (INS 551), Stabilizer.


It’s easy because it’s tasty!
It's effective because of its patent filed absorption technology!

It has:

  1. Anti-viral
  2. Anti-bacterial
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Anti-allergic
  5. Anti-oxidant properties

Provides all-round protection from:

  1. Throat pain
  2. Viral & bacterial infections

Helps builds respiratory immunity


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight below 25 degrees. Keep out of reach of children.


1. What is the difference between one glass of Turmeric Milk v/s the Zolv Curcumin Instachews?

Turmeric has Curcumin. So why not just have turmeric? Take curcumin powder as the active ingredient of turmeric which provides most of the health benefits & medicinal uses of turmeric. Turmeric contains 2 - 9% Curcumin and is not soluble in water, thus the absorption of curcumin is limited to your body’s digestive absorption mechanisms. Hence, if you are having a plain turmeric home remedy you would have to consume 40 glasses of turmeric milk for it to do the work of 2 Zolv Curcumin Instachews. Normally turmeric & curcumin exhibit poor bio-availability and absorption. FORCE C3TM in Zolv Curcumin Instachews helps in direct Curcumin absorption into the blood, leading to quick relief from sore throat. We give you the liberty to call Zolv Curcumin Instachews the best curcumin supplement.

2. What is the difference between swallowing and chewing Curcumin Instachews?

When Zolv Curcumin Instachews dissolve in the mouth it provides better bio-availability & faster action than when it is absorbed through the digestive system. It’s because of the FORCE C3TM process that creates 95 times more bio-availability than other curcumin tablets or Haldi tablets or supplements.

3. What is the right way of having Zolv Curcumin Instachews?

Place Zolv Curcumin Instachews in your mouth and chew it until it dissolves completely. Do not swallow it as it is, it will bring down its efficacy.

4. When should I use Zolv Curcumin Instachews?

Ideally, you should keep Zolv Curcumin Instachews handy at home at all times. Start on Zolv Curcumin Instachews at the first sign of sore throat and stop the sore throat from stopping you. Zolv Curcumin Instachews provides an all-round action, it reduces throat pain, fights viral & bacterial respiratory infections, and builds immunity.

5. How often should I take the Zolv Curcumin Instachews?

It is advised to take the Zolv Curcumin Instachews in dosages of 3-4 pastilles for 4 days when you have a sore throat or such symptoms. As a supplement or medicine for immunity boosting it is advised to take 1 chew of Zolv Curcumin Instachews every day for a 3-month period.

6. Who all can take Zolv Curcumin Instachews?

Zolv Curcumin Instachews is a plant-based treatment for throat pain and associated cough and cold as it contains Curcumin - the active ingredient of natural turmeric. Zolv Curcumin Instachews can be taken by anyone above 5 years of age. It is not recommended for children under 5 years because of choking hazards. Zolv Curcumin Instachews supplement is sugar-free and safe for long-term use.

7. How does Zolv Curcumin Instachews taste?

Zolv Curcumin Instachews are sugar-free and have a tasty peppermint flavour.


Curcumin Immunity Instachews

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